Freestyle Testimony

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Freestyle Testimony

Post  Sion on 4/28/2008, 2:00 pm

Freestyle testimony

My head is bleeding
Cause my soul is bruised
My spirit is crying cause my mental has been abused

My eyes are crying
Cause my flesh is dying
Where on earth is my purgatory

This is a spiritual analogy to a Christian’s story
A spiritual cleanings, for inner glory

I look at my hands and see the scars,
I look at my “freedom” and grab hold of the bars
I fall to my knees to look past the stars
And seek a God that knows my pain

I ask my God to send me rain
My flesh is broken, battered and torn
Rain will wash away the wounds and the worn,
If I could every day I would be reborn
Stripped me Lord, from what has scorned

In this world of debate between religion
Let me focus on the message I’ve been given
In this world where politics and Spirituality shouldn’t meet
Lord keep me grounded by the soul of my feet
The spirit in my hands, and the love of my heart
Rescue me Lord, as the world rips me apart

Original Work
Copywritten and Protected
© 2008 M.A.B.
All Rights Reserved


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Post  EyeCu2 on 5/30/2008, 2:32 pm

Thank u for blessing me with your words. Everyday I look forward to your words of inspiration. You inspire me & I thank God for blessing me with your friendship.

Lord, I lift up to You the dreams & desires of my friend. May the desires of his heart line up with the desires of Your heart. I pray that You would hear his requests & lead him in Your path. I pray that he may have a fresh filling of Your love & grace, every day. Amen


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