Boycotting the BS

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Boycotting the BS

Post  Sion on 4/25/2008, 4:08 pm

Boycotting the B.S.

Iím boycotting the BS

Somebody has to take a personal stand

Itís not healthy for my spirit man

To much and too many things are out of hand

I am boycotting pages that have pictures of ass

Each new one, still looks like the last

Show me the picture of your mind, if not Iíll pass

Iím boycotting the BS

Where religion is an argument

I know where I am saved, the New and Old Testament

Believing in God there should be no debate

You can borrow the Shroud of Turin to erase the Spiritual hate

I am boycotting the BS

Because I see too many women not being properly treated and disrespected

Why criticize a man whose heart has been erected

You want her body but her time you have rejected?

And we wonder why the definition of ďblack familyĒ has become so hectic

Sex is overrated, better watch the bed you lying

No reason why the Sons of iniquity are hooking up

With the Daughters of Zion

There is no wonder why, our children are ďdyingĒ

Men wanna be dawgs,

when the world needs cats

With the heart of a lion!!!!

Iím boycotting the BS

Talk to me about something

Time and breathe is valuable

Itís if ainít fruitfulÖdonít talk to me about nothing!!!!

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© 2008 M.A.B.

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I Concur

Post on 4/28/2008, 2:46 pm

*Standing Ovation* I stand in agreement with you on this one. *Signing the 'Boycott the BS Petition'*

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Bravo *claps*

Post  EyeCu2 on 5/30/2008, 2:36 pm

Beautiful, just plan Beautiful!!!!!!!!!


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Re: Boycotting the BS

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